Introducing the Chef Collection from Lodge Cast Iron

The Lodge Cast Iron Fish Pan

Whether you prepare a meal for a potluck or host a backyard fish fry, we sincerely hope you'll enjoy the Fish Pan as a gift from our family gathering to yours. 

The Cook-It-All from Lodge Cast Iron

Five cooking configurations. Two pieces of cast iron. Endless possibilities. The Cook-It-All™ is the only piece of cookware you need.

How to Use the Fire & Cook Stand

The Lodge Fire & Cook Stand is a heavy-duty multi tool that turns your fire pit into an outdoor kitchen.

4-in-1 Camp Dutch Oven Tool

The Lodge 4-in-1 is the ultimate multitasker when cooking at the campsite. It protects your hands from heat, keeps your cookware off the ground, and maximizes your cooking area.

How to Clean Seasoned Cast Iron

Caring for cast iron cookware is easy! Here's our recommended method for cleaning and caring for cast iron.

How to Cook a Steak on a Cast Iron Skillet

Grilling is great, but for a restaurant-quality sear, nothing beats a cast iron pan! Here's a quick how-to on our favorite method for perfect steak.

How to Restore Rusty Cast Iron

A little rust is no reason to panic. Sticky seasoning can be cured too. Follow these simple steps to refurbish your cast iron finish, and you'll be cooking for decades to come.

Lodge Cast Iron Foundry Tour

Go behind the scenes with Lodge Cast Iron to see exactly how we've been making cast iron cookware in Tennessee since 1896.

5 Tips for Baking in a Cast Iron Cake Pan

Here are five tips to ensure your cakes come out clean and beautiful in a cast iron fluted cake pan.

How to Cook an Egg in Cast Iron

The ultimate test of any cookware is how it fries an egg. Once again, Lodge Cast Iron proves to be the best tool for the job for producing the perfect texture and flavor.

How to Cook Salmon with Seasoned Steel

Lodge Seasoned Steel is the perfect medium for flaky fish every time. Here's a quick how-to on our favorite method.

How to Clean Lodge Seasoned Carbon Steel

Cleaning Lodge seasoned carbon steel cookware is a cinch! Here's how we care for our seasoned carbon steel cookware after using it.

How to Grill with Cast Iron

Grilling season is now a year-round event. Our recipe for Blue Ribbon Brats is a great example of how Lodge Cast Iron can expand your grilling beyond just burgers.

How to Sear Chicken in a Grill Pan

Tender, juicy chicken breasts are breeze to make and can be added to numerous recipes. Here's how to sear and bake them in a Lodge Cast Iron grill pan!

How to Griddle with Lodge Cast Iron

Our reversible griddle spans two burners and allows you to cook multiple foods all on the same surface like this tasty breakfast.

How to Bake a Dutch Baby

The Dutch Baby pancake is a recipe made for a cast iron skillet, and it's as fun to make as it is to eat!

How to Grill with Seasoned Carbon Steel

Lodge Seasoned Steel is just as versatile as our cast iron and makes the perfect cookware for tossing on the grill. Here's how we do it.

History of the Lodge Fluted Cake Pan

Former Lodge CEO Bob Kellermann discusses the history of the original Fluted Cake Pan.